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B i o g r a p h y

As soon as you mention Papa Mambo, people react with excitement.
 Created by Chilean-born classical guitarist Rodrigo Muñoz in 1989, Winnipeg’s Papa Mambo started out as a spirited party band and soon became recognized as one of the most skillful, exciting and important innovators in Canada’s Latin music scene. The group features some of Winnipeg’s most sought-after musicians.
 This ten piece ensemble has played the Jazz Winnipeg Festival almost every year of the Festival's existence as well as the Montreal Jazz Fest, the Vancouver Jazz Fest, The Halifax Jazz Fest and The Winnipeg Folk Festival mainstage (twice) amongst others, the ensemble has 3  CDs to its credit plus several original  singles. Papa Mambo has also embraced Afro Cuban music on a symphonic level, having performed sold-out shows both with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. Under the leadership of the charismatic Muñoz, the band delivers the goods each time they play.
Papa Mambo is :
Rodrigo Muñoz - timbal, congas/vocals/leader
Ken Gold - alto sax
David Lawton - trumpet
Jeff Presslaff - trombone
Shane Hicks - trumpet
Gilles Fournier - bass
Victor Lopez - bongo/guitar/vocals
Amber Epp - lead vocals/piano
Will Bonness - piano
Ramiro Sepulveda - congas
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